Customized Eye Lashes

Customized Eye Lashes

In addition to being your Beauty Expert, I am an Instructor at the New York School of Esthetics.  I am honored to teach the first Advanced Makeup Course in Westchester County.  I designed and developed the only curriculum that is approved in New York State.  Included in the curriculum, my students learn about the application of Eye Lashes.  Eye Lashes are my favorite part of makeup!

I recently had a client that came to me for every function revolving her lavish November wedding.  After her Bridal Trial this past June, each time she came to me she would respond to my question, “What do you want to do today Nicole” with “whatever you want, Jill.”  That was always music to my ears, because in truth I knew whatever I designed for Nicole’s beautiful face she would love!

Nicole was different in that when she booked wedding day services she made it clear she had no budget – meaning that whatever I thought would be best she would love to have and did not care about the investment.  When I told Nicole about JKFlashy Customized eye lashes and told her what the service entailed, she had to have them!

I showed up the day of her Wedding fully prepared…different length individual eye lashes, strip eye lashes…you name the lash, I had it!  The beauty of JKFlashy Customized eye lashes is that they are designed at the time of services…designing “on the spot” allows for the artist’s creativity to be maximized.  I had almost 2 hours to do Nicole’s makeup.  I had 2 artists assisting me.  I cut up and glued 2 strips of eye lashes together and placed them at the end of her eye.  From there I was able to design the rest of the eye.  Whatever I did on one eye I immediately did to the other eye.  I placed long individual eye lashes along the entire eye which made the entire eye come together perfectly.  I felt the eye needed something else – so I added in a 3rd piece of strip lash to the end of each eye.  I was extremely happy with the outcome.  Nicole was ecstatic which is all that mattered!

This was hands down the most enjoyable, creative, boundary less master piece I have ever designed, created and executed!  I enjoyed every second of doing Nicole’s makeup.  Combining her expectations, my expectations, the lack of direction yet specific “over the top” direction with her 1.5 years of wedding planning…added an intense amazing pressure that had an immense impact on my artistic performance.  I have included pics for visual purposes!  Enjoy!