Hair, Makeup & a Couture Dress for any Occasion!

Hair, Makeup & a Couture Dress for any Occasion!

Last week we participated in the first of many Events at Fontana Couture of Greenwich, CT.  Fontana’s has recently upgraded their location from Eastchester to what many know as “The Avenue” in Greenwich, CT.  One look from outside their beautifully showcased store windows and it will make sense why this relocation is an “upgrade.”

When Diane Mammana, “Best of Westchester – Best Hair Stylist” and proud owner of Salon Posh in Mamaroneck and I partnered with Ricky Restiano of Ricky Restiano Photography to plan our “2nd Annual Photo Shoot with Ricky Restiano,” we went straight to Fontana’s for Couture Gowns.  Since then, Salon Posh and JKFlashy have partnered together to showcase beautiful couture gowns with incredible hair and makeup.  Its been an amazing partnership that simply exhibits pure luxury in a very sophisticated, elegant vision.

This past week Fontana Couture held an event at their boutique and the JKFlashy team made their clients Flashy!  Each client was celebrating a different event which made this event extremely different, fun and personalized.  One of the JKFlashy Luxury Artists met with a 12 year old and her Mom for a Bat Mitzvah makeup application, while another Luxury Artist met with a 17 year old and her Mom for a Sacred Heart Graduation look.  Meanwhile, across the ‘floor to ceiling mirrors’ another Luxury Artist met with a Bride and her future sister in law to design a look for her Big Day.  In another seat a Destination Wedding was being discussed and the Bride was interested in purchasing all the makeup the Flashy Artist used on her so that she could “replicate” the look.

There was lots of Champagne and au d’oeuvres being passed while looks were being discussed and designed.  Each client we met with had such an eclectic gown for her unique occasion.  Some had bought a gown that was being customized to make a more perfect “fit.”  I heard it many times throughout the night, “this is like one-stop shopping.”  It made me smile because clients truly appreciated the experience of being styled and a personalized look being designed.  I believe our clients  will continually choose “us” because of the customized experience each will have.  At the end of the day, luxury services are offered and experienced because we truly enjoy getting our Client’s ready to celebrate Life!