Charitable Giving


Current JKFlashy Makeup Service Inc. & Charitable Giving

Jill K. was inspired by a former student, Diana who took her Advanced Makeup Course with the sole intent to give back and donate her services and talent to people who are sick and suffering.  Diana wanted an Internship different from any other student.  She wanted a non-profit, volunteer experience during her education in the Advanced Makeup Course at the New York School of Esthetics.  Jill K. partnered with Hope’s Door Inc. which is a non-profit that seeks to end domestic violence and to empower victims to achieve safety, independence and healing from the trauma of abuse.  Each Advanced Makeup Course has the experience to visit the shelter and provide makeup services as well as child care assistance so that the ladies could enjoy a child-free luxury experience.

If you are being abused, call the Hope’s Door hotline at 888.438.8700. You are not alone.  Facebook Fan Page: Hope’sDoorNYInc.

Past JKFlashy Makeup Service Inc. & Charitable Giving

Through collaboration with JKFlashy Artists we created the idea of collecting Bridesmaids Dresses to Donate to Westchester Girls that are in need of Prom Dresses. The idea became a reality when I was put in touch with Noel D’Allacco, Founder & CEO of Operation Prom. The Dress Drive started at the beginning of December 2011 & we are collecting! JKFlashy Makeup Service, Inc. will partner with Salon Posh to donate one day of FREE BEAUTY! All other days Operation Prom dress receivers will receive 50% off Beauty. We are so happy to partner with such an amazing Charity!

History of JKFlashy Makeup Service Inc. & Charitable Giving

A few years ago, JKFlashy donated on a global level and visited an orphanage in Costa Rica to give to children. In November / December 2009 Jill K completed a Volunteer / Home Stay in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Costa Rican Language Academy organized her home stay, volunteer work and language class. While staying in Costa Rica, each morning she took a Spanish class in the morning and volunteered in an orphanage for the remainder of the day.

Since 1996, JKFlashy has been privileged to be apart of a Dress for Success Program based out of the Danbury, Connecticut area. “Sponsoring a child” includes donating to an assigned child, his or her appropriate Back to School Materials as well as clothing the child will need. In the past, Jill K has been fortunate to be apart of Distribution Day, which is when the children pick up all their brand new goodies. It is truly a special experience being involved in Dress for Success.

Jill K thanks every person that has allowed her company to transform his or her face because each of you has made it possible for her to continue doing what she loves and giving back. Donations are welcomed and always appreciated, Thank You in advance.