JKFlashy Botox Diaries…

JKFlashy Botox Diaries…

I started the Botox Diary the first time I did Botox & Juviderm at the age of 28. It’s amazing how 6 months later I was ready and excited for my next visit to the Plastic Surgeon for more Injectable Fillers. Let me explain what happens….Plain & Simple, it wears off! After Fillers I looked flawless, no sign of a wrinkle, “crow’s feet”…there was nothing remaining after Botox in October…by March / April…the fine lines, wrinkles were trespassing on this 29 year old face & I was not having it!

Now…4 months later I notice my face resuming some lines, expression lines, etc…At this point in my career…I can’t stand a line or sign of age on my face! Being in the Cosmetic / Beauty Industry image truly is everything & people come to me to feel better about themselves…it is my Moral Responsibility to look & feel amazing inside & out about myself. I consulted my Esthetician who had recently had a Fat Injection. I am open to trying anything…so I made my appointment for a Consultation with the Plastic Surgeon she had her Fat Injection with.

This plastic surgeon educated me on all my options and I in turn would like to educate you. 3 weeks after my consultation I went in and was put under Local Anestesia, fat was extracted from my buttocks using a liposuction technique. He then injected it into my nasolabial folds. A Fat Injection is a long term correction, although some of the fat cells will be naturally absorbed. The remaining fat and the enhancement achieved is considered permanent, although it will diminish naturally with age. The above reasons are why I chose to do a Fat Injection vs Botox in that area of the face. Although he did do Botox in the “Crow’s Feet” area & Forehead & enhanced the lips with some Juviderm. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) reviews and approves pharmaceutical fillers by brand name in the same manner as drugs or medical devices.

While many women engage in Plastic Surgery & Injectable Fillers & deny it…I am an open book! If my experience can benefit someone and help & educate someone, I will be ecstatic!