JKFlashy Cosmetics, “What Are They Saying?”

JKFlashy Cosmetics, “What Are They Saying?”

4 words….JKFLASHY Cosmetics have arrived! As you write in I will keep posting comments. Enjoy!

I knew I had to start Blogging again and more frequently because SO MUCH IS HAPPENING WITH JKFLASHY!!!!!!

I have received sooooo many demands & finally after almost a 2 year process I can dish about an absolute DREAM coming true…I am launching AN AMAZING Cosmetic line, JKFlashy Cosmetics. One amazing product I have to talk about NOW and am really excited about is the JKFlashy Lip Plumper which is comparable to Lip Fusion, a popular lip plumper on the market. Everyone knows I love Juviderm and have received it…that inspired me to create a product that women could use as an alternative to Juviderm, because lets face it not everyone is in love with injectables or is comfortable with the idea of a needle being put into their lip in order to live a life with beautiful full lips. So this product is AMAZING & truly works! My product quality will be comparable to any high end cosmetic / skin care product found in any high end Department Store. Let’s address price point, JKFlashy Cosmetics will be sold at a friendlier, less expensive price than you would find in any high end Department Store. Will be keeping everyone posted on status of JKFlashy Cosmetics……….

Just today…
via Facebook:

Nora Sterian: Jill , ur eyeliners r amazing, I loooove them , and I have 2 try everything u have. good job Jill , congratulation!!!!

This came via a web inquiry:

Subject: JKFlashy lip Gloss
Message: Recently, at a Fordham University fashion show’ I received a JKFLASHY lip Gloss, in my goodie bag….. I LOVE it… Pls adv where I may purchase more. Thank you very much
Below are Emails I have received over the past month….

This was sent via Facebook message:
1).great meeting you too! you are definitely my go to person for beautification in the future. The eye make up looked gorgeous all day!!!! I was surprised how well the make up held considering how bad my allergies were by mid afternoon. And the make up remover was fantastic. You have totally changed my opinion of fake lashes forever haha. They came off so easily. Thanks again for everything! I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in February in long island and will definitely be calling you for my make up that day!

2). Hey Jill
Wanted you to know that we are loving our products from JKFlashy! I also wanted to pick up that white powder you used on me. Let me know what you might have available for a facial the week of may 10th. Thanks again

3).Hi Jill!
The wedding was awesome! Such an amazing day, everyone had a great time! I am loving the JKFlashy products! This lip gloss is just to die for for me hahaha. Do you also have blushes? I cannot remember if I asked you that. My mom said hello, and my sister said she will send you pictures soon!!! Hope all is well with you! Kristen

4).I’ve loving the makeup! The bronzer is amazing and so is the blotting power. I live the mascara, my only wish would be that it has something in it to help curl lashes. My lashes have a tendency to get flat through the day, and the “curling” mascaras seem to make a difference for me. Other than that I love everything!