Juicing & Your Skin

Juicing & Your Skin

In my pursuit to educate and properly advise my clients, I decided to do some research to see if there is any correlation or relevance between skin and juicing. I decided to inquire with my good friend, Gabriela Barreto, a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer. (www.gabbyforhealth.com) Here is what Gabby had to say…

Great skin is a sign of vitality and overall physical health. Your skin is the last organ in the body to receive vitamins and minerals from our foods, therefore great skin is a sign of the body working efficiently. Juicing is one of the best ways to provide the body with an abundant, natural supply of vitamins and minerals readily available for the body and skin, to use. Fresh fruit and vegetables when juiced in the right combinations can help the skin cleanse, repair, regulate and rejuvenate. Juices provide a shot of nutrients which help your body remove toxins and impurities from the body that can interfere with skin regeneration and general skin health. In addition, juicing provides an increase of oxygen and energy to the body to further help in removing waste and toxins that are excreted by your skin.

So which vegetables and fruits are the best for healthy skin? Green vegetables are crowned the winner in providing the best nutrients for healthy skin; the best are kale, spinach, parsley, and wheatgrass. Carrots are another great vegetable for juicing for healthy skin as well as cucumbers, green apples, broccoli, kiwi, melons, and pineapples.So where can you find a juicer? There are a ton of juicers out there, varying in prices from $50 to upwards of $300. A great resource for finding the best juicer for your needs and price range is at bestjuiceextractorreviews.com.

What combinations will taste good in my juicer? I’ve heard stories from friends and clients alike who experiment with their juicers and end up with a not so pleasant concoction. The best websites I’ve found with a variety of recipes are greenlemoade.com and nativejuicer.com.

No time to juice? Here are some local health food stores that sell juices:

Mrs. Greens, various locations

Whole Foods, select locations

Lilli Pilli Berri Bar, White Plains

Andy’s Pure Food, Larchmont, Rye and Scardale

Robeks Juice, New Rochelle

Pure Bliss Yogurt and Juice Bar, Pelham

Go Natural Health Food and Juice Bar, Harrison

Believe Juice and Books, Tarrytown

In closing, in addition to the direct skin benefits from juicing, other benefits include, weight lose, increase of energy, improved digestion and in general juicing contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Thank you for the Education on Juicing Gabby!! www.gabbyforhealth.com