The Brazilian & Everything You Have Always Wanted to Ask!!

The Brazilian & Everything You Have Always Wanted to Ask!!

Everyone talks about it, some are scared to get it done…yet at some point you will ask or even want one.  I am your Beauty Expert & Licensed Esthetician and want to educate you!

A Brazilian wax is done by a Licensed Esthetician and is the removal of all hair that covers, surrounds a woman’s private spot.  Ladies…it is ALL HAIR REMOVED!!!  I offer this service and I do have some women that like a little hair left, trimmed or almost all gone.  It is your preference, or perhaps your significant other’s “call” there is no right, wrong or best way to design your personal Brazilian.  For more insight perhaps ask your partner his / her preference!  I decided to Blog about Brazilians because it is such a taboo subject.  When it comes up in conversation…you turn away, change the subject, blush or judge when really you want to know more!!!!  You have so many questions and I sincerely hope I answer them all!!

You have decided you want a Brazilian, now what?? This is for the Brazilian Virgin…I recommend the hair be at least 2-3 weeks grown out…1/4-1/2 inches is ideal for the best Brazilian.  If your Esthetician does this perfect – her technique will be quick and fast which means less pain for you.  A Brazilian does mean everything….so I have clients put legs up and may have you in positions your partner hasn’t had you in!  I am a perfectionist and get every evil hair…even your Buttocks!  My clients in return are very loyal, happy and return every 4 weeks.  I have found that waxing kills the hair follicles so every return visit is shorter because the hair is weakened and grows less.

For the woman that has had a Bad Brazilian Experience…Try a Licensed Esthetician…go to someone that is referred so you already have a small trust this will be a good experience.  If you have decided to go the Brazilian Route…stop shaving!!  It is counter productive to shave and go for Brazilians.  A great follow up to any Brazilian is an amazing product called Tend Skin.  I suggest using this product every day for one week after your Brazilian.  This product is only for external use, and will definitely prevent or eliminate in-grown hairs.

When you find an Esthetician you are happy with…don’t experiment.  Having a Brazilian is not like a “one-night stand”…you want to avoid hopping around from Esthetician to Esthetician…you want to develop a relationship and fully trust your Esthetician.

Ladies…I truly hope I have answered all of your questions!  Best of Luck!  May this experience alter your life for the best!