Cosmetic Ward Robing Session

This blog was inspired because
JKFlashy offers a service called, “JKFlashy Cosmetic

and my PR Firm (LJ Strategies) asked Jill,

“How does anyone know you offer this service and what is it?”
Interesting I thought, and I knew I had to blog about it right away to tell you
every detail about wardrobing and answer this great question!

What is “JKFlashy Cosmetic Wardrobing?”

Besides being an amazing, innovative service we offer, it’s a “life altering”
experience. Women go shopping every day for cosmetics and acquire one if not
many unnecessary products, purchasing the wrong
, bad judgment and even the spur of the moment cosmetics. Just like
with your own clothing, you know you have that piece in your closet that you
bought and always want to wear but never really do, this service helps you out
of just that problem, BUT with your makeup!

You will sit down one on one with a JKFLashy Artist and the artist will sort through all
of your makeup. This gives the artist the best way to asses all your wardrobing
needs and suggest the right products for you.

This assessment will include the appropriate makeup for a particular season, travel
needs, work, evening or just the every day.

Something you may not know is that JKFlashy has its’ own makeup line. This line is
something the JKFlashy artists use on a daily basis. This daily use on all the
JKFlashy clientele gives them a heads up during this ward robing process. There
are also other lines of makeup out there that pair perfectly with JKFlashy’s
makeup line and are also added into your wardrobing appointment.

Some times this process can be a little hard; we make you throw some of your products out!
Some of these products are what we like to classify as, “celebrating a
birthday,” meaning you’ve had the piece longer than its shelf life and past its
expiration “date”. When you’re sitting down with your artist she will go over
with you, when you should throw out your makeup and when you should keep it.
The artist will also explain what the “expiration date” really is and break it
down for each type of cosmetic that you use.

We also review sanitary precautions in the JKFlashy ward robing Experience. Sanitary
precautions are a major point that needs to be covered. This is your skin and
it needs to be handled in the best way possible. For example, if you are going
to have q-tips or sponges in your makeup bag we suggest that you put new ones
in a little sandwich bags and discard of them after EACH use. Keeping them
separate and in little bags will help keep these items be as clean as they can

The wardrobing process is also a conversation, the JKFlashy artist doesn’t just say “this IS
what you need” they listen and talk to you, understand your skin care needs,
your skin tone and exactly what will suit your needs the best.

This wardrobing session tends to take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on your precise
needs. Every wardrobing session is unique and your own personal experience.

Included in your personal appointment is a makeup lesson. It is extremely important for you
to understand how to properly use your new JKFlashy products as well as your
existing pieces. Clients are given a “road map” this “road map” is a chart that
includes steps and products so that you are very organized and ready to go out
on your own!

It is suggested that you make a wardrobing appointment at least twice a year. As the
seasons change, you change your clothes, the styles, the coloring and the


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